2022 Maverick XLT
Hybrid Supercrew

DSM&T Partners with DRAGG's Award Winning SEMA Build

DRAGG Team welcomes its newest Ford Vehicle to its after-school program, the 2022 Ford Maverick XLT Hybrid "Beach Watch 758"

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DSM&T is proud to be a US Based Manufacturer. We strive to deliver quality parts, quick turnaround times, and excellent customer service – all at competitive pricing! The majority of our products are made right here in sunny Southern California.


MoistureBlock Technology

Our anti-wicking moisture block plugs and strain reliefs are tested at a minimum of 5 PSI and, in some cases, up to 50 PSI to prevent moisture from traveling under the jacket, between the twisted wires, and even through the copper strands.

LTPro Connecting System®

We test our LTPRO connectors to withstand underwater up to IP68 conditions. They can prevent water ingression into the electrical contacts and avoid moisture from traveling into your lights or electrical chambers of your lights or electrical apparatus.

LTPro® Eco Connecting System

LTPro® Eco connectors are the perfect choice for an application that requires a smaller footprint than LTPro® connectors. Like the larger LTPro®, the LTPro Eco uses our Moisture Block® technology to prevent water ingress into the electrical contacts and will stop any moisture from traveling into your light or electrical apparatus.

Slide-N-Seal™ Ip67 Connector

The ideal connector to be used in wet environments, IP67 rated and able to carry up to 20 Amps at 120 V and up to 4 conductors.

Slimline Connecting System®

The ideal connectors to be installed in areas where little space is available. This connector can be made as thin as .250” and can carry up to 10 Amps 120 V

Custom Power Cables

DSM&T R&D department is ready to give you the necessary support for you to achieve your goals when in need of a specialty connector.
DSM&T can provide design support, prototyping, 3D printing and production tooling.

Wire Harnesses & Cable Assemblies

Harnesses are tested on proprietary equipment to ensure correct routing of all connectors, wires and splices

Custom Over Molding

We over mold almost anything you need to protect, from switches to PCBA’s. We use a large variety of bonding agents to waterproof components to a liquid submersible level.

R&D and Troubleshooting Assistance

Give us the opportunity to work with your team on your new projects, our team is eager to put our experience at your service.

Cable and Wire Extrusion

If the wire or cable you need does not exist we can create it and make it in our own place. DSM&T operates two extrudes one of 2.5 inches and a 4 inches extruder machine for large diameter cables.
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