Supply Chain Transparency Act

California Proposition 65

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This represents DSM&T’s policy to communicate its beliefs, procedures, and behavior expectations regarding Human Trafficking, Slavery, Forced Labor, Child Labor, and Harassment used in its products and products from our Suppliers.

DSM&T is committed to ensuring that its suppliers do not use slave labor, child labor, engage human trafficking, or harassment. DSM&T’s values and its Code of Business Ethics and Conduct establish respect for human rights as a fundamental principle, and one that both DSM&T employees and suppliers are expected to honor.

DSM&T will not engage in involuntary, forced, imprisoned, bonded, indentured, slave labor, child labor, human trafficking or the hiring of trafficking and debt bondage victims. All employees shall be guaranteed freedom of movement. DSM&T will practice and conduct reasonable diligence to prevent the recruitment or hiring of victims of exploitation by third parties such as labor brokers or Suppliers that provide products or services to DSM&T.

DSM&T will periodically request written certifications and other information concerning the use of these practices in making the products and components supplied.

DSM&T takes steps to ensure its work environment is free of Harassment, Abuse and Corporal Punishment in any form. See Employee Handbook – Employee Conduct — Sexual Harassment – Harassment for specifics and the compliant procedure.

DSMT’s Code of Conduct can be found in its Applicants and Hiring — Minimum Employment Age; Employee Conduct, Sexual Harassment, and Harassment Policy and Procedure Handbook, and Supplier Management Program.


This certification is subject to change without notice and supersedes any previous issue. The latest revision is available by contacting DSM&T Co., Inc. DSM&T’s sole liability for incorrectly certifying a product shall be either replacement of the DSM&T product or, alternatively and in the sole discretion of DSM&T, return of the purchase price paid for the relevant DSM&T product.

The information contained in this document is being provided for informational purposes only and to clarify certain information regarding DSM&T Co., Inc. products. Nothing provided in this letter is (i) a representation, warranty or agreement to indemnification by DSM&T Co., Inc., (ii) a statement which may form the basis of reliance by DSM&T Co., Inc., (iii) a modification of any of the terms and conditions of sale agreed to in writing between DSM&T Co., Inc. and its customers with respect to any products, whether previously sold or to be sold in the future.