Frequently Asked Questions
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Is there a standard size cable, plug, cord set, power cord?

No. Actually, to your advantage, there are many options to consider including material, size, configuration, application, and more. If you have a specific application consider contacting our technical sales and R&D team for assistance.

What is a cord set?

A “cord set” is a standard extension cord you can buy at a hardware store consisting of a plug that you insert into an electrical wall outlet and a receptacle that you plug into your appliance.

What is your minimum order?

Minimum orders of $1,000 per line item. For more information contact Customer Service at (909) 357-7960

If I don't have any drawings, can you still quote my product?

Yes, just provide as many details as possible about your product and quoting department can get started on your quote. As an added service, our qualified engineering staff can produce drawings.

Who do I contact if I have a technical questions?

We have an experienced team of technical sales representatives in house. They are ready to answer any questions you may have and assist you in your project.

Can someone visit me to give me technical assistance?

Yes, we actually prefer visiting new clients at their location. This gives our representatives the opportunity to correctly identify the client’s needs. Our team of in house and independent sales representatives are ready to personally assist you. Please contact us online or call us for an appointment at 909.357.7950.

What is your standard lead-time?

Typically it is 4-6 weeks, but it does vary. If you need to rush an order please call us directly at 909-357-7960.

What is your F.O.B?

FOB is: Fontana, California 92337

What parts do you stock?

What parts do you stock?

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept checks, cashiers checks, wire transfers or credit cards (VISA, MC, & Amex). For those seeking open terms, we also offer Net-30 upon credit approval. For longer terms or more information please contact our sales team for more information.

Can you help me design a plug, receptacle, connector or harness?

Yes. We have decades of experience providing custom Electrical Delivery systems. Contact our R&D team for further assistance.

I'm rebuilding my car/tractor/electronic device, can you reproduce my harness? I only need one or two.

Most likely not. We are a contract manufacturer that primarily deals with other OEM’s producing higher quantities. Although we could make one or two pieces, the additional engineering, tooling and set up costs would raise the cost considerably.
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