Industry Specific Knowledge & Experience

From Lighting OEM’s and Pool & Spa equipment Manufacturers to Vehicle Upfitters and Industrial Machinery Manufacturers, DSM&T has worked with OEM’s in various industries. In working together with our customers to solve their specific interconnect needs we have gained important knowledge and experience.
Combined with our expert staff and state of the art technology, this industry specific knowledge allows us to not only understand your industry’s challenges, but also provide real solutions to your exact needs.

Automotive Industries

  • Automotive AfterMarket
  • Emergency Vehicle Upfitters
  • On-road/Off-road Transportation
  • Industrial Electric Vehicles

Lighting Industry

  • Landscape Lighting OEM
  • High Bay Lighting
  • Architectural Lighting
  • Pool & Spa Lighting distributors and OEM’s
  • Agricultural Lighting
  • High End Location and Architectural Lighting Design

Uncategorized OEM’s

  • Dental Equipment OEM
  • Exercise Equipment Mfg.
  • Data Room Power Delivery Mfg.

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