NEMA Twist-Lock® Power Cables

Twist-Lock-Line-Up DSM&T’s NEMA Twist-Lock® Connectors are built to the highest quality standards. What makes Twist-Lock® connectors unique? Once pushed into the receptacle and twisted, the connector is now locked into the receptacle. This locking mechanism allows for a more reliable connection, especially necessary in commercial and industrial settings where hard use, vibration and incidental impact could disconnect other non-locking connectors. Ordering: Available in QTY as low as 50 pieces. For cable type, termination and color options please contact Customer Service at 909-357-7960 or by email at:

Full Specifications

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Made For Rugged Use


Advantages of Molded Vs. Field Install


  • Safer, no need to configure
  • Cost Effective: Save on Labor
  • Greater Impact Resistance
  • High Quality Finished Look
  • Guaranteed Working

Y Splitter Available


Need a fully customized design?

DSM&T specializes in creating custom solutions to custom applications. Contact our technical sales team and let’s get your custom interconnect product started.