Your perfect power cable may already exist

Over the years DSM&T has designed countless power cables for many industries. Many of these designs are available to use in your design. Choose a design from our catalog and jump start your project.

Detailed view of our current designs

Benefits of using one of our existing designs:

Lower Costs

With our current designs drawings have already been approved and tooling has already been milled. You can reap the benefits of a custom power cable at a lower cost.


Certified & Tested

All of our existing designs have gone through extensive testing. Many are also tested and approved by the top certification agencies such as UL, ETL, TUV and more.


Quicker Production

With less back and forth trying to get the design finalized and the specifications met, you benefit from greatly reduced time-to-market.

Need a fully customized design?

DSM&T specializes in creating custom solutions to custom applications. Contact our technical sales team and let’s get your custom interconnect product started.