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Secure Connection.
Extensive Applications.

Not only is the patented LTPro Connecting System™ a robust, secure connection, but the up to six conductors allow for multiple application options. Available for in-line and panel-mount options. Can be “daisy-chained” or used alone.

Multiple Applications

  • Architectural, Landscape and Outdoor Lighting
  • Automotive Aftermarket & other equipment
  • Outdoor Signage and LED applications

IP68 and Beyond

Precise engineering and advanced double-seal technology allows the LTPro Connecting System™ to withstand harsh moisture conditions beyond IP68.



  • Positive Locking
  • MoistureBlock® technology built in
  • IP68 Protection
  • Solid contacts
  • Electrical: up to 120 V/13A
  • Materials: TPR, Nylon, Silicone

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DSM&T Co. specializes in custom connectors. Contact us with your application needs and DSM&T will work with you and your team to get the LTPRO Connecting System integrated into your project.

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