Custom Over Molding

Over Molding? What’s that?

Using Plastic Injection machines we are able to “mold over” various electrical interconnect components such as industry common connectors, splices and even toggle switches. This provides added protection against liquids, heat and impact as well as allowing for better fit and ease of your product assembly.

Whether you are looking to weatherize an existing industry-common connector, protect a splice in your harness or simply need a full custom design, DSM&T has the knowledge and capability to deliver what you need.

Industries using our Over Molded products

  • Lift Gate
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Farming Equipment
  • Police and Emergency Vehicle Upfitters

Current OverMolds Available

13-7 CPC Plug

Beau Plug

Mate N Lok

  • 1-480700
  • 1-480701
  • 1-480702
  • 1-480703

  • DT04-2p
  • DT04-4p
  • DT06
  • HD10
  • HD14
  • HD16

  • 430200401
  • 430250400

Other various Strain Reliefs, Grommets and Splice over molds available. Call for more information.

Ready to try our Over Molding service?

You can design the product and we can build it to your specs, just provide us the engineering drawings and we can go from there. Don’t have the resources to custom design an over mold? Our technical sales and R&D teams can help. Even if all you have is a specific application and needs, our highly trained staff can get started on your project. With the cooperation of our sales, R&D and engineering teams, we can design a custom over molded product that suits your needs.

If you’re wondering if your interconnect product can benefit from over molding, contact us and ask to speak to our technical sales department. We’ll be honest and discuss whether over molding is even right for you.

Let’s work together on delivering to your customers a quality product and maintaining a competitive edge!

The Benefits of Over Molding Your Product


Tamper Proof

Protect your interconnect product or PC Board from end-user modification and tampering.

Element Protection

Be it liquids, impact or temperature, Over Molding adds plenty of protection to your product.

Increased Reliability

Over Molding fully encases the inner components, keeping the internal conductors in place and protected.

Reduced Production Costs

With DSM&T’s Over Molding service you receive a production ready piece that saves you time and money.

Want to work with us?

Drop us a line, send us an email, or fill out a form and let’s get started on your project.