Custom Power Cables

Slide-N-Seal™ IP67 Connector

When off the shelf doesn’t cut it, DSM&T provides custom power cables built to your specs

Whether it’s water intrusion, impact resistance, high heat & pressure resistance or anything in between, if you have a special power cord application that needs a solution, we can help. Our Research and Development department prides itself in its ability to provide support in completing your designs with cost-savings in mind.

Industries using our custom power cables

Emergency Vehicles UpfittersHeavy Duty Vehicle OEM’sLandscape LightingHigh-end Commercial LightingDental EquipmentHydroponics
Your perfect power cable may already exist
Benefits of using one of our existing designs

Lower Costs

With our current designs drawings have already been approved and tooling has already been milled. You can reap the benefits of a custom power cable at a lower cost.

Certified & Tested

All of our existing designs have gone through extensive testing. Many are also tested and approved by the top certification agencies such as UL, ETL, TUV and more.

Quicker Production

With less back and forth trying to get the design finalized and the specifications met, you benefit from greatly reduced time-to-market.
Detailed catalog of our current designs
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