Wire Harnesses & Cable Assemblies

Custom Harness

What’s the benefit to outsourcing your harness? It’s simple: you get a high quality, production-ready product at a lower cost.

Time and time again our customers tell us how much time and money they have saved by outsourcing their harness or cable assembly to DSM&T. It’s no coincidence. We at DSM&T know that no two harnesses are alike which is why our highly-trained technical sales staff treats every project as a challenge and examines the whole assembly for weak points. Combined with our years of harness assembly experience, tried-and-true production methods and industry standard connections, and you can bet you’ll have a reliable assembly that only DSM&T can bring.

Top Quality Is Our Goal

It’s not just the cost of a single piece that matters, it’s also the quality and how much that will save you in the long run. As a US based manufacturer, DSM&T takes pride in building high quality and reliable interconnect solutions.
All of the harnesses we assemble adhere to strict customer specifications to ensure a perfect fit every time. Additionally, our harness production department adheres to stringent internal Q.A. Standards and all harnesses are 100% tested to ensure you receive 100% working pieces.
You can rest assured that your DSM&T harness or cable assembly will deliver for years to come.

Industries using our harnesses

Police & Emergency vehicle upfittersHeavy Duty Vehicle OEM’s and Accessories manufacturersAlternative Fuel Work-Van UpfittersElectric Trams & TrailersRefrigerated equipment OEM’sElectronic Sports Equipment
These are just a few of the tests our Q.A. Team performs on every single harness:


Harnesses are tested on proprietary equipment to ensure correct routing of all connectors, wires and splices.

Pull Test

Weights are added at various stress points to test sufficient flex and hold. Ensuring long lasting connections.


Testing is done to check polarization of all connections, ensuring proper grounding and safety.

Visual Inspection

All harnesses pass multiple inspection points by highly trained QA Inspectors, ensuring peace of mind.
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